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Original and entertaining speeches crafted for you

It’s your big day and you are about to make your speech. What follows next can add a depth of emotion to this happy event, which ends in a standing ovation and will be remembered by everyone with delight for years to come.

Or, it can end in a disaster of such magnitude, it makes the whole room cringe and becomes the moment everyone tries to forget … especially you! If you make an embarrassing mistake, it will be on the video forever.

Saying the words you want to people you love is the greatest feeling there is!

Creating the perfect wedding speech that leaves a great impression takes preparation and design.
People think it takes forever to write a wedding speech. In fact, it’s about doing a few important things to prepare and deliver a great speech.

Over the past 17 years, Well Said & Associates has created unique and entertaining speeches that leave our clients confident, well prepared and able to enjoy the experience. We carefully match the words to the language you naturally use, create a theme and add humour that suits your personality.

We write your speech so that it sounds like you wrote it yourself.

We assist anyone who needs to make a speech:
• Groom
• Bride
• Best Man
• Matron of Honour
• Father of the Bride
• Mother of the Bride

Here's what past clients say: 

(Best Man)

When I finished speaking, a whole lot of people came up to me and said! ÂThat wasnÂt just a wedding speech, that was something else!Â. I was so happy


The jokes and humour came off perfectly and I received incredible applause at the end. I must have a 100 people come up and tell me what a fantastic speech it was!!



Well Said & Associates

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