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Curriculum vitae - Sell yourself

Looking to upgrade your position in the company? Wanting to change direction in your career but not sure which way to go? Feeling a bit shy about promoting yourself?

Let Well Said & Associate create the CV that really captures who you are!

We all put a lot of time and effort into our career. Yet when it comes time for a promotion or a change in direction, we get a bit coy about promoting our experience and expertise. Often our winning traits are so natural we disregard them and do not include them.

Think about this: If you found a product you loved and it helped you experience something positive you would not hesitate to tell everyone how good it is and recommend they use it. Why not see yourself as an amazing product, which, when applied to certain situations, creates successful and consistent results?


You have a Curriculum Vitae that:

  • You hand over with confidence and pride.
  • Helps you achieve clarity about what you want.
  • Matches the position / role you want.
  • Gets you where you want to go.


A powerful CV

  • Is aligned with your values.
  • Catches the attention of decision makers.
  • Clearly lists your achievements and successes.
  • Promotes you.
  • Is a living document which can be adapted for multiple applications!

The Creative Process:

To help you create an effective CV we:

  • Establish what you want to achieve.
  • Create a clear outline of your skills, experience and values.
  • Research potential positions / directions in your career.
  • Create copy aligning your experience, attitude and values with the position.
  • Create a one-page application letter to accompany your CV.
  • Provide a draft and final version of the copy in collaboration with you

Well Said & Associates helps you promote your experience, values and talents set out in a dynamic format not just a chronological list of jobs!


Well Said & Associates

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