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Ghost writing - Publish or perish

You want to write a book but dont know how to start. You may already have a file (multiple notebooks or piles of paper) filled with ideas, information or first drafts! Somehow you have not been able to take that final step or find it hard to create the time you need to write amidst an already busy schedule.

Well Said & Associates help you take the next step! We provide a range of services to assist you in this process including:


  • Scrutinizing language for clarity and accuracy.
  • Helping you develop content or characters.
  • Offering suggestions to enhance layout and presentation.
  • Ensuring your content is print ready.

Content Management

  • Collating your information into a reader-friendly format.
  • Assisting with the layout and format of your book.
  • Assessing any gaps in your information.
  • Assisting you to record your content in a user-friendly format.


  • Creating copy for you.
  • Transforming your first draft into a completed product.

Most importantly, we promise to be interested and encouraging!

The Creative Process:

We assist you to take the next step in creating your book by:

  • Establishing the outcomes you wish to achieve.
  • Developing a user-friendly project-management system.
  • Creating a cost-effective process.

Well Said & Associates does all the hard work for you, creating a theme, format and style appropriate to your reading audience in language that sounds like you!


Well Said & Associates

Mobile: 0419 547 810

Email: sheridan@cosmic-clown.com